NHK’s Peek-a-boo! Lands in Vietnam


TOKYO: VTV7, the educational channel of Vietnam’s national broadcaster, is adding NHK’s kids’ show Peek-a-boo! (Inai Inai Baa!) to its 2017 lineup.

The Vietnamese edition will feature the Peek-a-boo! character Wan Wan and VTV7’s cat character Meow Meow. While the channel has previously broadcast dubbed versions of NHK’s programs, this marks the first-ever on set joint production with VTV7 in a Vietnamese studio. The show’s production team has already visited Vietnam to provide guidance.

Promotional events for the program are scheduled for March 2017 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Television’s VTV7 launched in January of this year, and NHK affiliates have been providing support with programming, production and studio facilities. The channel has already broadcast two of NHK’s educational shows, Discover Science (Daikagaku Jikken) and Rockie and Her Friends (Zawazawa Mori no Gankochan).