More Tour Dates Planned for Teletubbies Live Show


DHX Brands has added new dates and stops to the Teletubbies’ first-ever live stage tour, which has been seeing celebrity attendance and strong ticket sales since its premiere last week.

Teletubbies Live is touring across the U.K. and Ireland until October 2018. Following its debut on November 17, nearly 230 new dates have been confirmed across more than 50 theaters, with additional shows to follow. A full list of tour dates, locations and venues can be found on the official Teletubbies Live website.

“It’s been a great year for Teletubbies as the brand celebrates 20 years of ‘Big Hugs,’ and we couldn’t be any more pleased with the success of their first-ever live theater show,” said Charlotte Hill, brand director at DHX Brands. “Since its launch at the end of 2015, the new series has resonated strongly with young children. We’re delighted to be able to give them a truly entertaining theater show that enhances the brand experience and supports Teletubbies’ core values of humor, fun, love and exploration.”

“Over the last year, we’ve worked continuously with DHX Brands to put this exciting show together and bring Teletubbies’ beloved music and dance to life for young audiences,” added Martin Ronan, executive producer for Fierylight. “We’re both excited and proud to see Teletubbies‘ first-ever live stage show off to such an incredible start, and we hope Teletubbies Live will continue to delight children and parents as it tours the U.K. and Ireland. We look forward to the many shows ahead.”