New Sky Kids Launches Streaming Service


The kids’ YouTube channel New Sky Kids has rolled out its subscription streaming service at and through the New Sky Kids app.

The YouTube channel will now exclusively premiere new episodes of its original series such as High Top Princess and Little Heroes on the New Sky Kids app, which is available on all major platforms, including iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android and Amazon Fire TV. The new subscription streaming channel and app offer parents a safe, ad-free screen time option for their kids.

Launched in 2014, New Sky Kids has a global audience of over 2 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views, with approximately half in the U.S. and half spanning over 200 countries worldwide. Other original series on the platform are Kid Ninja, Kids Kitchen, Treasure Hunter Kids, Little Princesses and Little Hero News.

Leigh Adams, VP of brand and culture at New Sky Kids, said: “As parents ourselves, we are very aware of the difficulties in managing screen time for our kids. We saw the responsibility we had before us, and it made us ask two questions. One, what kinds of stories are we wanting to tell? Because stories are powerful. And two, how do we keep our kids safe online when they’re being inundated with ads we can’t control, with inappropriate content being fed to them, and possibly meeting strangers online?”

CEO Felipe Adams added: “So we decided to build our own channel and apps to give parents the option of a super safe place online for their kids. It’s a place where our shows model good character and strong values like curiosity, kindness and teamwork. There will be no ads ever, all our shows will now premiere exclusively on our platform, and it’s available on pretty much all your devices anytime.”