New Season of Pocoyo to Drop Exclusively on YouTube Kids


MADRID: Pocoyo is entering its fourth season with an exclusive digital launch on YouTube Kids after a decade on air.

All 26 new episodes will debut on the YouTube app for children, with the first episode becoming available on November 25 at 8 p.m. in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Versions in English and Latin Spanish will launch on November 28. A new female character will be introduced in season four, joining Pocoyo, Elly, Pato, Loula, Pulpo, Pajaroto, Pajarito and Valentina on their adventures.

Produced by Zinkia, Pocoyo is available on 18 channels in 18 languages and has aired in more than 100 countries. More than 50 people are working on the new season, which began production in February. Production is slated to wrap in April 2017, with each episode taking approximately four months.

“The launch of this production breaks new ground for Zinkia and is the starting point for a new stage that will see us focus primarily on increasing the traction of the Pocoyo brand around the world,” said Miguel Valladares, Zinkia’s president.

Zinkia’s CEO Alberto Delgado commented: “Zinkia’s mission is to continue to build upon the reach of the Pocoyo brand on the online channel and, at the same time, to promote our activity in the licensing market (adding to the current 100-plus licenses) and foster agreements with broadcasters.”

Elías Moreno Vasco, YouTube’s strategic partner manager, added, “This launch stresses Zinkia’s commitment to developing quality content for YouTube and YouTube Kids, two platforms that are constantly growing and becoming favorite destinations for Spanish families looking to explore topics, find entertainment or discover new things.”