Odd Squad Licensing Program Expands


Sinking Ship Entertainment’s (SSE) licensing program for Odd Squad has grown as new products are set to hit the market this year, including a kids’ meal toy program, French-language books and new coloring books.

France tv distribution has brokered a deal with French publishing arm Larousse to create and distribute new Odd Squad books. The first two are already available, and another three are slated for release this fall.

In the U.S., SSE has partnered with BRAUM’s, an ice cream and restaurant chain with over 300 locations, to launch a kids’ meal toy program. The program is set to begin in Q2 of this year.

Really Big Coloring Books has released two new books in the U.S. for the retail, promotional and wholesale markets, including PBS Affiliates, Walmart, Amazon and more. The company will have an additional eight to twelve Odd Squad items by mid-summer 2024, all set for distribution throughout the U.S.

Big moves for the franchise are also set to debut this year, including the previously announced Odd Squad UK series format slated to launch later this fall.

Odd Squad’s enduring messages of teamwork and collaboration are evergreen,” said Tanya Mason, manager of consumer and ancillary products at SSE. “These new partnerships and products aim to meet kids where they are and complement the brand’s multiplatform and licensing approach to connecting with global audiences.”