New Live-Action Series Inspired by Mauricio de Sousa Characters


HBO Max has ordered Franklin and Milena in Search of Science, a new live-action series co-produced by Cartoon Network in partnership with Biônica Filmes and Mauricio de Sousa Produções.

The series will star Fabrício Gabriel in the role of Franklin and Bia Lisboa as Milena. It is inspired by characters from Mauricio de Sousa.

In the show, the duo embarks on journies with the purpose of discovery through scientific thinking. Franklin, with his ability to be exact and knack for inventions, and Milena, full of attitude, curiosity and a natural talent for biological subjects, create a strong friendship full of collaboration and learning.

Mauro D’Addio is directing, and Daniel Rezende is art supervisor. All content, including the series scripts, was closely monitored by researchers from the Instituto Serrapilheira, who provided technical-scientific support.