New Discovery Deals for Media I.M.’s Kikoriki, Pin-Code


LONDON: Media I.M. has signed new agreements for the animated series Kikoriki New Adventures and Pin-Code with Discovery in Italy, the Middle East and North Africa.

In a five-year deal, Discovery Italia snapped up another 26×11-minute season of Kikoriki New Adventures for its free-to-air network Frisbee. The Petersburg Animation Studio production centers on the spherical inhabitants of a world called Kikoriki. Discovery Italia debuted the first season earlier this year.

D-Kids, Discovery’s new children’s channel in MENA, acquired the pay-TV rights for the second season of Pin-Code in a three-year agreement that will see it begin rolling out across the region at the end of this year. The show is about a penguin inventor and features the main characters from Kikoriki. It will air in English and is also being dubbed into Arabic.

Nesta Owens, the director of programs at Discovery, remarked: “We are happy to introduce this great show to our viewers and this deal underlines our commitment to bringing the very best shows to the MENA region.”

Irina Nazarenko, co-founder of Media I.M., added: “Both Kikoriki and Pin-Code are incredibly strong channel-builders, as can be seen from the range of broadcasters and platforms using them as foundation blocks for both free-to-air and SVOD launches. But as well as their proven commercial track record in helping channels to build sustainable businesses, both series encapsulate the Media I.M. philosophy: to source great IP from all over the world to add real value to children’s enjoyment and education.”