Mobile Game for Beyblade Burst


Sunrights has struck a deal with Epic Story Interactive to develop a Beyblade Burst mobile game.

Slated to debut this fall, the game will have an initial rollout in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Beyblade Burst Rivals (working title) is a fast-paced match-3 puzzle battle game for iOS and Android based on the hit boys action property.

“With an active, growing and global fan base that has grown up consuming entertainment across devices, the Beyblade Burst brand is ripe for partnership with one of the most innovative mobile game studios in the industry,” said Kaz Soeda, managing director of Sunrights. “We look forward to working with Epic Story Interactive to add another fun, new dimension to the Beyblade Burst experience.”

Beyblade Burst was our top choice to license for the first game developed under the banner of our new company, Epic Story Interactive,” said Ken Faier, Epic Story Interactive’s president and CEO. “The property has proven itself over and over again with each new generation of fans, which is what we look for in creating epic, action-packed mobile games. We’re excited for this opportunity to deliver an incredibly fun game experience that will be enjoyed by millions of Beyblade fans of all ages!”