MIPJunior Spotlight: SUNRIGHTS


SUNRIGHTS is offering at MIPCOM Beyblade Burst, the first season of which introduces viewers to Valt Aoi and his group of passionate Blader friends.

Season two, Beyblade Burst Evolution, sees Valt travel to Spain after being scouted by a prestigious Spanish Bey club. In Beyblade Burst Turbo, the series’ third chapter, viewers meet Aiger Akabane, a wild child who tries to take Valt’s world champion title. Lastly, Beyblade Burst Rise, the fourth and newest installment of the ongoing adventure, follows new protagonist Dante Koryu and his partner Ace Dragon as they set off for Japan, the birthplace of Beyblade.

“The series has strong themes of friendship and adventure and values such as hard work, competition, good sportsmanship and never giving up on your dream,” says Natasha Gross, SUNRIGHTS’ TV sales and licensing director. “SUNRIGHTS has cultivated Beyblade Burst’s presence across major broadcast channels, digital streaming platforms and popular social media.”