ADK Emotions Taps Animasia for Beyblade Burst in SEA


ADK Emotions has tapped Animasia Studio to be Beyblade Burst‘s master licensee for non-toy consumer products and events within key markets in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

Per the deal, Animasia will also handle the Beyblade Burst TV series program distribution for free TV in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The series has been airing since July on Mediacorp Suria in Singapore. It will be launched on RTM TV2 in Malaysia in November and in Indonesia in early 2021.

The non-toy consumer products—including apparel, stationery, bags and special porch bags—will be available in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. The limited-edition fashion items are already in development in line with the 2021 tournament events rolling out in Malaysia, including products inspired by the new elements introduced in the Beyblade Burst Gati TV series.

Raye Lee, co-founder and executive director of Animasia Studio, said: “The spinning top is a popular traditional game in Malaysia and Beyblade Burst is the modern version of the spinning top game that has created a phenomenon within Malaysia. Whenever there is a Beyblade competition, there will always be a long queue of Beyblade fans. We aim to translate that into non-toy consumer product sales and a series of tournament and family carnival events that the whole family can enjoy.”

Katsuki Masai from ADK Emotion said: “We are excited to work with Animasia on Beyblade Burst non-toy and event business in the region. We are hoping that Animasia will maximize this opportunity and expand other ways of entertaining Beyblade fans through their products and/or event experience.”