MIPTV Spotlight: Xilam Animation


Oggy Oggy, the new preschool spin-off to Xilam Animation’s Oggy and the Cockroaches franchise, is a CG-animated non-dialogue series that sees a young Oggy living in a fantasy world inhabited by a community of cats.

“The series already comes with built-in awareness and cross-generational appeal, as well as having a strong international legacy behind it,” says Morgann Favennec, executive VP of distribution.

The comedy-adventure series Tangranimals follows young Geo as he explores Tangra planet and its geometrical landscapes along with the Tangranimals, creatures that can link together like Tangram pieces and create all sorts of vehicles, creatures and objects. In the Calypso Island-set Pfffirates, three crew members are taught Pfffiracy by the legendary Captain Lamar. 

“We’re busy continuing the expansion of our international footprint—whether that’s by building upon our long-lasting relationships with linear broadcasters or growing our partnerships in the digital world,” says Favennec.