MIPTV Spotlight: Mediatoon Distribution


Mediatoon Distribution is shining a spotlight on The Marsupilamis, a comedy originally commissioned by M6/Gulli.

It gathers “all the ingredients we love in a kids’ comedy series: awesome stories, iconic characters, premium CGI, a colorful universe and a double scoop of comedy,” says Jérôme Alby, managing director.

Various anime titles feature on Mediatoon’s slate, including the newly acquired Edens Zero, which comes from Hiro Mashima. “This acquisition further reinforces our anime slate, which already features star shows such as Naruto, Hunter x Hunter and Fairy Tail,” Alby says.

The upcoming family sitcom Living with Dad sees four daughters take over a household managed by their single dad. “By breaking stereotypes, this comedy series will definitely have global appeal,” notes Alby.

“We look forward to seeing our friends and partners, getting to know new ones and having passionate talks about their programming needs,” he adds.