Epic Story Media Picks Up The Adventures of Mansour


Epic Story Media has signed on as the global content and licensing agent, excluding MENA and China, for Bidaya Media’s The Adventures of Mansour: Age of AI.

The show is a reboot of the original Mansour series and covers issues and themes that speak to the current generation of children, including the benefits and challenges of AI, the balance between the usefulness of and overreliance on technology, climate change and social interaction in the digital age.

The series follows Mansour, a 12-year-old tech wizard who upgrades his sister’s favorite robotic gerbil plush toy Mr. Blinky with some high-end chips and algorithms. To his horror, his creation goes into overdrive, downloading everything the technologically advanced world of Salam City has, transforming him into a crazy, mischievous digital shapeshifter intent on sabotaging Mansour and the world.

Epic Story will represent the series with the aim of securing broadcast rights across multiple linear and streaming platforms as part of Bidaya’s efforts to globally promote the series, which is produced in English and Arabic. Bidaya plans to produce four seasons of The Adventures of Mansour: Age of AI, of which the first 26 episodes will be ready for Q3 2023.

Mansour has captured the imagination of children across the MENA region in a powerful way,” said Nabil El Jisr, CEO of Bidaya Media. “We are inspired to build on this success with the production of the new season of Mansour and by partnering with Epic to achieve global reach and inspire a new generation of children around the world. As a uniquely entertaining show that harnesses positive, universal values, Mansour addresses the major influences affecting children’s lives and has the potential to create a positive impact for future generations.”

“We’re extremely excited to start this partnership with one of the top production companies in the Middle East and help deliver compelling stories that match our commitment to diversity and finding cultural and authentic content, relatable for a global audience,” said Ken Faier, president of Epic Story Media. “We’re proud to work with Bidaya Media and to bring Mansour to our unique slate that we’ll be presenting at MIPTV. As with all our projects, we love properties that have those unique elements that can deliver an expansive 360 experience. Mansour: Age of A.I. has so much to offer fans who want to delve deeper into their favorite characters and stories, and we look forward to exploring this over the coming years with Bidaya.”