Annecy Spotlight: Ellipse Animation/Mediatoon Distribution


Ellipse Animation will be at Annecy pitching Komodo No Chill, a brand-new project and its first slapstick.

The 2D original creation follows the misadventures of a Komodo dragon shipwrecked on an island guarded by a herd of over-enthusiastic miniature sheep.

The Marsupilamis marks the reboot of a classic IP through a comedy show with 3D animation, refreshing the brand. “We are super excited to welcome partners to our stand and immerse them in the universe of these adorable creatures that have been captivating generations of children for decades,” says Morgann Favennec, deputy managing director of Mediatoon Distribution and VP of international financing at Ellipse Animation.

Belfort & Lupin, meanwhile, is entering its final phase of production and should be ready next year.

Favennec adds, “Annecy will be as busy as ever, with a powerful lineup of new productions, combining original creations and well-established IPs.”