MIPJunior Spotlight: Sunrights


CANNES: The animated series Beyblade Burst is a priority for Sunrights at MIPCOM.

The company is seeking broadcast and distribution partners for the show, particularly in Europe, Latin America and other markets outside of Asia. “We have taken great care to localize Beyblade Burst to ensure that the story line, characters and battles are relatable to fans both new and existing in our regional markets,” says Daizo Suzuki, Sunrights’ president.

The series puts a spotlight on the themes of friendship, competition and sports. The company is also seeking digital and home-video distribution for the first three seasons of the original Beyblade series. “We are in the midst of our relaunch of the Beyblade brand as we solidify our strategy and product launch plans for international territories,” says Suzuki.

“Sunrights is in a unique position in licensing; our IPs are sourced from Japan and localized to adapt to each market,” adds Suzuki.