MIPJunior Spotlight: Serious Lunch


Serious Lunch is set to announce the U.K. broadcaster for Monty & Co, a puppet sitcom series with episodes arranged as “mini-dramas,” at MIPCOM.

“The puppets in Monty & Co are great quality, and the songs in each episode are fun,” says Leila Ouledcheikh, Serious Lunch’s director of global sales.

Meanwhile, Tik Tak, the company’s non-dialogue series for toddlers, aims to have a calming effect on anyone who watches it and helps kids’ learning skills. “We were interested in distributing a series with strong cognitive development at its core,” adds Ouledcheikh.

Rounding out the slate highlights is Daytime Emmy winner The New Legends of Monkey, inspired by a 16th-century Chinese epic novel. Says Ouledcheikh, “The appeal of this show for the younger and older audiences alike is escapism—a world of landscapes and structures that captures their imagination and transports them to a place that feels ancient but somehow timeless.”