MIPJunior Spotlight: Cyber Group Studios


Cyber Group Studios is launching Tom Sawyer, a modern take on Mark Twain’s masterpiece that follows the adventures of Tom and his best friend Huck.

“This is a story about freedom, happiness and growing up that I trust will deeply resonate with kids,” says Raphaelle Mathieu, senior VP of sales, acquisitions and new media for Cyber Group Studios.

Bananimals is a new kids’ comedy series in which hero Gordon the bull cures the village people with the help of seven-day-old chick twins. Purple Turtle is an early-preschool series with which Cyber Group wants to “reach the hearts of very young kids with great sweetness and make them understand that kindness to others and to yourself is paramount,” says Mathieu. “This series comes with great publishing potential, with books having sold worldwide.”

She adds, “Our aim is to create a very diversified and complementary offer for our clients to take to all kids worldwide.”