Atlantyca & Centauria Ink Partnership for School of Roars


Atlantyca Entertainment and the Italian publisher Centauria have signed a licensing deal to create a bi-monthly magazine for the animated preschool series School of Roars.

Designed for young readers ages 3 to 6, the magazine will be published in October and feature quizzes, coloring, competitions and more. The 52×7-minute series helps children prepare for their first years of school, led in lessons about caring, sharing, friendship and fun by a class of mini-monsters and their teacher, Miss Grizzlesniff.

The animated series has been broadcasting on DeA Junior since March 2018 and on Rai YoYo since October 2018.

“The animated series School of Roars is comprised of some of the most brilliant colors and remarkable graphics that are going to easily transform into eye-catching pages,” said Marco Piccinini, Atlantyca Entertainment’s licensing manager. “Centauria are experts in producing only the highest quality products and they are the best at capturing the right images and stories that attract young audiences. The children’s magazine will showcase stories and activity elements to interact with the episodes.”