MIPJunior Spotlight: Beyond Distribution


Beyond Distribution is shining the spotlight on the animated series Motown Magic in Cannes.

Commissioned by Netflix, the show centers on music, magic and the power of one’s imagination, following along as 8-year-old Ben uses a magical paintbrush to bring the street art decorating his city to life. “The series features new renditions of songs from the world’s most popular music catalog—Motown!” says Munia Kanna-Konsek, Beyond Distribution’s head of sales.

Dumbotz, aimed at children aged 6 and over, depicts a world populated entirely by robots that sees the local mayor call upon the eponymous Dumbotz to save their world. A kid who doesn’t look like any other human or animal embarks on a journey to learn who and what he is in Quimbo’s Quest.

Kanna-Konsek says, “These series all feature high production values and embrace international themes with really eye-catching animation and lovable characters.”