Jasper James’ Screen Glue Secures First Commission for CBBC


The U.K.-based indie Screen Glue, founded by the multi-award-winning Jasper James (Walking with Dinosaurs), has confirmed its first commission for CBBC, Hey You! What If…, which is set to launch on the channel this spring.

Hey You! What If… is a 26-episode comedy-science series that provides answers to questions like “What if the moon was made of cheese?” or “What if the Earth was flat?” Combining live-action and photo-real visual effects with motion graphics, each episode features one experiment where the impossible is made real, with abstract principles such as gravity and sound made highly visual.

At the center of each episode is an endlessly inquisitive character played by Neil Reynolds (Secret Life of Boys), who continually does impossible, crazy things and creates all manner of mischief to see what happens. He is accompanied by the entertaining off-screen banter from two narrators—one who really knows his science and a sidekick who asks seemingly stupid but insightful questions.

Additionally, Beyond Distribution has signed its first international deal for Hey You! What If…, with Noga Communications in Israel acquiring the series for its Logi Channel.

Jasper James, Screen Glue founder and executive producer, commented: “We are very excited that Hey You! What If… is about to premiere and has already started its journey in the international marketplace. Through our existing factual content, we have a reputation for creating big, impactful programming backed up with rigorous science—and this new series for kids aged 7-11 is no different in that respect. It is, however, funny, hugely colouful, fast-paced and throws out some wild ideas that will really spark the imagination of young viewers—and indeed any adults watching with them. Whether for adults or kids, we pride ourselves in creating shows that nobody else has thought about—and I am confident that Hey You! What If… ticks that box!”