MIPJunior Spotlight: Astro Malaysia


CANNES: Three chickens that sing nursery rhymes are at the center of the animated preschool series Didi & Friends, a co-production from Astro and Digital Durian.

“Supported by a growing community of fans in Malaysia and around the region, Didi & Friends (the Bahasa-Malaysia version) is the top-rated preschool TV program in Malaysia,” says Hsu-Teik Goh, the senior assistant VP for animation and licensing at Astro Malaysia. “On YouTube alone it has garnered over 200 million views.”

The English-language version of the show, which is available in both short and long form, will be presented at MIPJunior and is launching on YouTube. “We are proud to announce the premiere of the English version of Didi & Friends in the MIPJunior screening rooms and on YouTube,” says Goh.

In addition to promoting Didi & Friends, Astro will be at the market looking for investment opportunities, “particularly in great animated content with the potential to travel in Asia and beyond,” adds Goh.