MIPCOM Spotlight: Monster Entertainment


The Monster Entertainment highlight Fia’s Fairies tells the story of the titular 6-year-old and the fairies that live in her back garden.

The fairies speak both English and an enchanting language that they teach Fia and her friend Amber.

In Storytime with Ms. Booksy, the eponymous magical and whimsical storyteller dives into classic fairy tales and brings well-known stories and characters to life.

Following an adventurous and curious 5-year-old girl and her fun-loving hippo best friend, Zizi and Hannibal takes its young viewers along to explore Africa and the animals that inhabit the continent.

“Gorgeous animation, fun and compelling stories and educational content” give these titles their international appeal, according to Andrew Fitzpatrick, chairman of Monster Entertainment, who adds that the shows are “entertaining first.”

“Monster Entertainment’s aim for MIPCOM is to see as many of our friends, whom we’ve been missing, as possible and to maximize sales for our burgeoning catalog,” Fitzpatrick says.