Monster Entertainment Sends Jungle Beat to Kids Street


Monster Entertainment has scored the first U.S. TV sale for the CGI series Jungle Beat with 2042 Media’s Kids Street.

From Sunrise Animation Studios, the series has 104 episodes across eight seasons, with three new seasons in development. For the first time, the upcoming seasons will be dialogue-driven, with ramped up storytelling, more action and even more humor.

Jungle Beat follows the adventures of Munki and Trunk, as well as other jungle inhabitants. It has 11 million subscribers on YouTube and has been broadcast in over 200 countries, with over 5 billion lifetime views around the globe.

There are also two movies in the franchise, financed, produced and owned by Sandcastle Studios. Jungle Beat The Movie released on Netflix in 2021, and Jungle Beat Blast to Past is ready to go to market.

Kids Street will broadcast Jungle Beat every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Kids Street is currently working with Jungle Beat’s YouTube channel on a marketing campaign to inform subscribers about the launch on the pay-TV channel on Xfinity, Spectrum and Optimum Cable.

This U.S. deal comes just before Australia’s Stan plans to launch all episodes of the series on June 29.