Mercury Filmworks & Blue Spirit Launch Seraphim


Mercury Filmworks and Blue Spirit Studios have teamed up for Seraphim, a new and bespoke animation pipeline that blends 2D and 3D techniques.

Seraphim brings together Mercury Filmworks’ 2D animation with Blue Spirit’s 3D production capabilities. Designed for high-budget projects for adult and family audiences—including films in the $30 million to $50 million range and series with premium, episodic budgets—Seraphim offers comprehensive production services from visual development to postproduction.

“Seraphim addresses the global shortage for reliable sophisticated animation capabilities for big-budget series and movies,” commented Mercury Filmworks’ CEO, Clint Eland. “It will operate as a bespoke production service for each project and be configured to meet specific creative and production needs. Our clients are producers seeking a design and production pipeline solution for unique and artistically ambitious projects that push the boundaries of animation.”

“By combining our strengths, we can explore new creative horizons and deliver sophisticated animated content with compelling characters, intricate stories, and groundbreaking visuals,” added Olivier Lelardoux, CEO at Blue Spirit. “This unique approach ensures that each animation produced is not just a project, but a masterpiece.”