Mediawan & ZAG Unveil Miraculous Corp


Mediawan has partnered with ZAG in a joint venture to manage the Miraculous franchise.

Miraculous Corp will be 60 percent owned by Mediawan, with ZAG holding 40 percent. Jeremy Zag, founder and president of ZAG, will continue to oversee the development of characters within the hit animated franchise.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir was created by Thomas Astruc, Nathanaël Bronn and Zag and is co-produced by ZAG and Mediawan Kids & Family. Since 2015, it has rolled out five seasons and two TV movies, with seasons six and seven in production. Its extensive digital presence has logged 37 billion YouTube views, over 250 million app downloads and more than 550 million plays on Roblox. On the L&M side, more than 300 million branded products have been sold worldwide, generating more than $400 million in retail revenues last year.

“After all these years dedicated to passionately developing the Miraculous universe alongside Thomas Astruc, Nathanaël Bronn, and Sébastien Thibaudeau, this new chapter of our journey with Mediawan will allow us to fulfill our wildest dreams, matching the ambition we have for Miraculous,” said Zag. “We are poised to introduce a groundbreaking universe of superheroes, one that not only captivates audiences worldwide but also champions the principles of girl power and gender equality. This innovative universe will transcend borders, captivating audiences in various forms across the globe. My partnership with Pierre-Antoine Capton is fundamental; we share a vision for this unprecedented expansion of a French franchise, and together, we embark on this extraordinary adventure every day.”

Pierre-Antoine Capton, founder and president of Mediawan, added, “Miraculous is the result of the encounter between two visionary producers, Jeremy Zag and Aton Soumache, and a highly talented creative team that managed to bring to life and support the development of an unmatched work of French animation. Today, Miraculous stands as an emblematic brand of Mediawan, and the introduction of Miraculous Corp, along with the formation of a dedicated team for its development, will allow us to explore new creative territories and further enhance its global presence. I am extremely proud, along with all the Mediawan teams, to be part of this exceptional adventure, which reflects the confidence that the group places in its IP.”