Masters of the Universe Joins Stumble Guys


The battle royale game Stumble Guys has collaborated with Mattel for a new racing map based on Masters of the Universe.

The new map includes locations from the franchise, along with new obstacles and features, such as portals that transport players through various areas, across muddy swamps and past new breakable objects to unlock secret paths through the surroundings of Castle Grayskull.

This marks the third Mattel franchise to be integrated into Stumble Guys, with the two previously collaborating for Hot Wheels and Barbie integrations.

“Masters of the Universe marks our third franchise integration into Stumble Guys, allowing millions of players the opportunity to experience Mattel’s beloved franchises in a fresh new way,” said Mike DeLaet, global head of digital gaming at Mattel. “These types of integrations have proven to be successful in amplifying our fandom across generations for both new audiences and longtime fans.”

“We’ve loved reuniting with our partners at Mattel to bring Masters of the Universe into the vibrant Stumbleverse,” added Naz Amarchi, senior VP and general manager of Stumble Guys at Scopely. “Weaving the iconic characters and settings of Eternia into the fun-filled gameplay of Stumble Guys will delight our players with a blend of nostalgia and action.”