Louise Lives Large to Land in Canada


Louise Lives Large is set to have its exclusive Canadian premiere on WildBrain’s Family Channel in April.

The international co-production from Vérité Films, Tailored Films and Storyhouse will debut on the channel on April 3, with new episodes rolling out every Wednesday. The premiere of Louise Lives Large is part of Family Channel’s free preview, running now until April 5.

The series will also premiere on Ireland’s RTE on April 3, with Belgium’s Ketnet premiering the series in fall of 2024.

WildBrain is the global distributor for Louise Lives Large, outside of Ireland and Belgium.

The title follows the journey of newly cancer-free teen Louise Edgar as she embarks on a mission to make up for lost time.

Katie Wilson, VP of channels and global acquisitions at WildBrain Television, said: “Louise Lives Large is a thought-provoking and heartwarming show that tackles a serious subject with an uplifting message. We continue to see Canadian audiences connect with shows like Louise Lives Large—live action series for tweens and teens with strong coming-of-age themes. We’re delighted to add Louise to our lineup this spring.”

Series creator and head writer Carol Walsh said: “The goal of Louise Live Large is to bring teens and families together to enjoy a great story. It’s also about the journey of countless teenagers who struggle with illness, bullying, and ostracism, in a way that reflects true-to-life experiences but doesn’t shy away from the humour and courage they display. It’s a series about survival, self-definition and, above all, hope.”