Kung Fu Wa! Heads to LatAm & U.K.


Federation Kids & Family and UYoung Media have scored deals for Kung Fu Wa! with Discovery Kids in Latin America and Pop in the U.K.

The series, co-produced by Tencent Video and UYoung, follows the adventures of an 8-year-old girl who discovers an odd-looking sock that turns out to be a kung fu master from another world. When she puts the sock on, she transforms into a super heroine.

UYoung finalized the deal with Discovery Kids in Latin America. Federation Kids & Family, which handles worldwide distribution outside of China and Latin America, brokered the deal with Narrative Entertainment for Pop in the U.K.

“We are thrilled to see Kung Fu Wa! travel across borders with our partners at Federation Kids & Family,” said Clara Yang, VP of UYoung Culture and Media Co. “The series has done really well on Tencent in our home territory, and with this new pickup for Pop in the U.K., following pickup from Discovery Kids in LatAm, we’re excited more fans will get to discover and enjoy the show.”

Monica Levy, head of sales at Federation Kids & Family, added, “Kung Fu Wa! is one of those unique, zany, fun-filled series that brings a smile to your face—and that goes for some of us that don’t quite fit the 6-9 year demo! It’s a pleasure to have closed this deal with Narrative Entertainment, and we are confident this series will delight U.K. viewers when it airs on Pop. With other sales negotiations well underway, further announcements will follow shortly.”