Komixx to Bring Stanley Books to the Small Screen


LOS ANGELES/LONDON: Komixx Media Group has picked up the global rights for the Stanley book series penned and illustrated by Ian Bilbey, who writes under the name William Bee.

Komixx will create an animated preschool series based on the Stanley books that follows the adventures of the titular hard-working hamster and his animal friends. The show, which is slated to begin production next year, will be developed at Komixx’s M&S Digital Studios in Manchester. Bilbey has signed on to serve as art director.

Andrew Cole-Bulgin, joint CEO and head of film and TV at Komixx Media Group, noted: “We are absolutely delighted to have secured the worldwide rights to this iconic and adorable series. We are also thrilled to have the author and illustrator of the books, Ian Bilbey, on board as the art director. We want Ian’s talent to permeate the animation so we are looking forward to collaborating with him on this project.”

Bilbey added: “Stanley is an independent, paws-on hamster who’s used to running the show, so it was never going to be easy handing his life story over to someone else, but after having spent time with Andrew, he and William Bee are confident they have made the right choice. Andrew and his team are passionate about animation, its finest traditions and its potential to bring characters and stories to life. We share a love for the craft of things and doing things properly—with integrity. It’s going to be a lot of fun for Stanley, Hattie, Myrtle, Little Woo and all their furry friends.”