KiKA to Debut Super Wings in German-Speaking Territories


SEOUL: CJ E&M’s preschool series Super Wings has landed in Europe, where it’s due to air on German-language children’s channel KiKA in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

KiKA has been a co-producer of the series since its inception. The animated show will debut on the network in 2017. Super Wings features the adventures of a plane named Jett, who travels around the world delivering packages to children. Its curriculum focuses on issues of creative problem-solving and cultural diversity, with the characters visiting 52 cities in 45 countries over the course of the series.

Super Wings is really taking off,” said Dongsik Shin, the head of the animation division at CJ E&M. “We are extremely proud of how well this groundbreaking Chinese, Korean, German and U.S. co-production has been received around the world and are delighted that the show will air in Germany. With KiKA as co-producer on board, we have high hopes for the series’ success.”

“We decided to become co-producer of Super Wings, as it enables children to open up their minds to cultural differences around the world and also stresses the importance of teaming up with friends to solve problems,” said Sebastian Debertin, the head of fiction, acquisition and co-production at KiKA.