Kidoodle.TV’s Brenda Bisner

Brenda Bisner, chief content officer at Kidoodle.TV, talks to TV Kids about what’s to come for the family-focused Safe Streaming service.

The family-focused Safe Streaming service Kidoodle.TV has been growing by leaps and bounds. Since the beginning of 2020, it has seen an increase of over 600 percent in users, with single-day gains in excess of 200,000 customers. Expanding its slate is top of mind as Kidoodle.TV prepares for even more growth ahead. Last month, it revealed Wes Tank’s popular StoryRapsseries as the first Kidoodle.TV Original programming, with a slate of new episodes that land monthly throughout 2020 and into 2021.

***Image***TV KIDS: With children and caregivers at home more amid lockdown measures, how did Kidoodle.TV step in to fill the needs of the marketplace?
BISNER: With parents juggling so many things, like homeschooling, Kidoodle.TV has immediately become families’ go-to trusted source for screen time, not just because of our Safe Streaming assurance, but because we have harnessed so many brands from around the world, like Talking Tom, Paw Patrol shorts, Wallace and Gromit, Winx Club and so many others. All day every day, from the beginning of the pandemic till today, our whole company stepped up to ensure we were meeting families where they were at and providing a channel that everyone could feel good about watching.

TV KIDS: What are some of the factors driving the service’s recent gains?
BISNER: Our AVOD channel is geared for families and kids 12 and under globally, with a primary point of entry being connected TVs (CTVs). We serve low-, middle- and high-income homes and do not have a barrier to entry; be it that you’re watching on the TV in the living room or on a tablet or phone, we are there for free. Our Safe Streaming standards of adhering to the highest letter of the law give relief to families looking for a better alternative, and have proven successful. So successful we have seen a 607 percent growth since January, adding over 1.26 million MAUs [monthly active users], and expect that monthly growth to continue at 35 percent per month for the remainder of 2020. Kidoodle.TV continues to rank as the number one trending app.

TV KIDS: What led Kidoodle.TV to move into the originals space?
BISNER: We believe in co-viewing; we always have. In March, we came upon a viral sensation, Wes Tank, and instantaneously engaged in meaningful dialogue with him to discuss a partnership. What Wes did was create a movement in households full of families on edge and overworked. The idea of taking something otherwise ordinary and up-leveling it to appeal to not just the kids but the whole family was extraordinary. We watched his success and carefully measured what could be done, hence the recent launch of our first Kidoodle.TV Originals. We have always wanted to create content for today’s families, and Wes was a great person to do that with. What we have developed together will continue to grow, and you can see new Story Raps episodes every month on Kidoodle.TV.

TV KIDS: With regard to acquisitions, what types of programs are you currently on the lookout for?
BISNER: We are looking at everything, all the time. We love data, and want to bring fresh and relevant programming to our audiences globally. We love viral, established sensations and are looking to change the game across the board, not just with where and how families consume but what they see. Making a show based off of traditional co-production means is less interesting to us, and we’ll be looking for partners who have not only an audience that loves them, but partners who care deeply about the important work we are doing at Kidoodle.TV to keep kids Safe Streaming.

TV KIDS: What’s the strategy for continuing to grow the Kidoodle.TV platform?
BISNER: Viewing data shows co-viewing through CTVs has not only grown but is continuing as the new normal, and we are at the front lines of that. Our research studies show that 97 percent of parents are co-viewing, and with the steady increase of cord-cutting, advertisers are looking for a safe destination to place their brand adverts and reach families. With a September full of a lot of uncertainties, we will be increasing content launches even more to align with the needs of families. With the growth data we have been measuring, we only expect to keep soaring.