Karma and Jonar Books Get TV Treatment for Viaplay


Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) is working to bring the best-selling Karma and Jonar children’s books to Viaplay as an original series.

The Viaplay original Karma and Jonar is based on the first book in the series and is aimed at viewers aged 7 to 9. It is slated to premiere exclusively on Viaplay in 2022.

The Karma and Jonar books are set in the fantasy land of Glimeria. They come from an anonymous Swedish author known only as “Zelda Falköga” and feature illustrations by Henric Aryee.

The eight-part animated series uses Viaplay Studios’ 3D animation technology and is the first Viaplay Studios production following the reorganization and rebranding of NENT Group’s studio operations.

Filippa Wallestam, NENT Group’s chief content officer, said: “This series tells an exciting and engaging story while delving into topics like friendship, self-belief and the challenges of growing up. The themes and artwork in Zelda Falköga’s books are widely acclaimed, and our adaptation aims to capture both fully. Karma and Jonar will be a fantastic showcase for Viaplay Studios’ world-class storytelling and technical capabilities.”

Falköga said: “It’s an honor to see these stories about my friends Karma and Jonar take another shape and grow in a new medium. I can’t wait to see Henric Aryee’s images come to life and for more people to experience the magical land of Glimeria in the same way I have!”