Jetpack Inks Deals Across the Globe


Jetpack Distribution has signed a multitude of deals that will bring 326 half-hours of kids’ content to networks across Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Among the deals, ABC in Australia acquired Welcome to Cardboard City. France Télévisions acquired season two of Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! Discovery Channel’s Frisbee in Italy purchased seasons two and three of Yoko. Radio Television Suisse signed a deal for season two of Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!, as well as season one of Kitty is Not a Cat.

Additionally, NBCUniversal in the Middle East and North Africa acquired Our Neighbors the Marsupilamis. In Poland, Telewizja Polska purchased season three of Kitty is Not a Cat and seasons three and four of Daisy and Ollie. In Ukraine, Pixel TV acquired Boj and Talking Tom & Friends seasons one and two. In the Czech Republic, Česká televize signed a deal for Becca’s Bunch. Star Channel in Greece bought season one of Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! Finally, Da Vinci Kids, which operates across the U.S., Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, signed a deal for A Week to Beat the World, as well as My Petsaurus for South Africa.

Jetpack Distribution’s CEO, Dominic Gardiner, said: “Through these times, it’s heart and humor that wins out. That’s testified by these deals. We’re really thankful for our free-to-air broadcast partners across the world and delighted to be making kids smile—through free TV—in so many places. We work with a super talented bunch of producers and IP owners who have created some truly brilliant shows that travel across international borders, entertaining kids and making them laugh wherever they are from.”