Jetpack Distribution Brings DreaMars to Israel & Germany


Jetpack Distribution has secured deals to deliver DreaMars, a new science-fiction live-action series, to screens in Israel and Germany.

DreaMars is a co-production between STORYZ Productions, SKLAN&KA, SAMKA and German broadcasters NDR, HR, SWR and RBB. It is set to air on the German channel KiKA and the Israeli broadcaster HOT’s kids’ channel Zoom in 2023. Jetpack is distributing the series internationally.

Set in 2045, DreaMars tells the story of eight teenagers who fly to Mars for a mission in preparation for settlement on the planet. Upon arrival, they learn that they have landed in the wrong place and are cut off from communication with Earth, with only a few hours before the electricity in their spacesuits runs out and everyone dies.

DreaMars is created by Sivan Shiknaji (Kadabra, Habar), Haim Avihail (Rule of Shadows, Dreamers, Enigma), Miki Yosef (Our Curator) and Shuli Sheindel. It is directed by Rani Saar.

Dominic Gardiner, CEO of Jetpack Distribution, said: “This groundbreaking series strongly appeals to both teens and space enthusiasts. We know space missions are of interest to kids globally right now, and the production teams have created something to build intrigue around—and cultivate—that interest. The global space industry is in a race to get to Mars, but our viewers will get there before everyone else! Due to the spectacular filming location at the Ramon Crater, the series will accurately reflect life on Mars.”

Nadav Hanin, VP of content and innovation at HOT, said: “HOT proves once again that excellent content has no boundaries and takes another significant step to give Israeli content the global attention it deserves. We are proud that another original HOT drama is connected to international partners before broadcast in Israel.”

Gil Saban, owner of the Zoom channel, added: “We are excited to bring to the screen one of the topics that most interests Israeli children, the space world. We are pleased that NDR, HR, SWR and RBB entered the project as co-producers and look forward to seeing the series broadcast on many other platforms around the world.”