Jetpack Adds Pair of Preschool Series to Catalog


Jetpack Distribution has snapped up the international rights for Pip Ahoy! and Daisy & Ollie, two preschool shows that are produced by CHF Media Group.

Pip Ahoy! and Daisy & Ollie have been airing in the U.K. since 2014 and 2017, respectively. The former features themes involving problem-solving and looking out for others, while the latter encourages young viewers to be curious and question the world around them. Jetpack is now aiming to find additional broadcasters for the two series.

Dominic Gardiner, the CEO of Jetpack Distribution, stated: “Daisy & Ollie and Pip Ahoy! are brilliant additions to our preschool catalog and have proven track records in engaging and delighting kids and their parents. Both shows encourage kids to learn about the world around them in a fun and sometimes silly way. They offer a great blend of lovable characters, comedy and storytelling—something we always look to offer our global buyers and audiences.”

Jenny Johnstone, commercial director at CHF Media, noted: “With a firm footprint now established in the U.K., we have been working on behalf of the brand owners for both Pip Ahoy! and Daisy & Ollie to find the right distribution partner to whom we can now hand over these rights. We wanted to find a company that not only had an excellent market reputation, but one that really understood these two very different shows.”

Adrian Wilkins, the CEO of CHF Media, added: “Jetpack impressed us from day one and we are delighted to be announcing this partnership with Jetpack and the Pip Ahoy! and Daisy & Ollie brand owners. This really does mark an exciting time for the shows, and we are looking forward to stepping back and watching them grow!”