INK Global & Diprente Launch New Kids’ Show at MIPTV


LONDON/CANNES: INK Global and South African prodco Diprente are introducing the brand-new kids’ animated series Anansi at MIPTV.

Anansi tells the story of an orphan named Anthony Harris who discovers that he is a medium for the ancient African spider god Anansi. Anansi, who is a trickster like Anthony, allows the boy to share his powers as they take on the evil god Tiger, who is a threat to mankind. The series targets boys aged 6 to 9 and introduces viewers to a world of ancient African myth and legend, as well as modern-day villainy and heroism. Season one of the series will comprise 26 24-minute episodes.

Claus Tømming, the managing partner at INK Global, said: “The combination of ancient African myth and modern urban, streetwise kids in Anansi is unique, exciting and visually very effective. Add some stunning action, engaging story lines, superb graphics and, of course, just a touch of wacky humor, and you have, we believe, a thrillingly original boys’ adventure story.”