INK Global to Roll Out Two New Shows at MIPJunior


At MIPJunior, INK Global is set to launch Anansi and Maouia: The Princess of Cordoba, two new series that have completed production.

Anansi is a 26×24-minute fantasy series that follows the adventures of an orphan named Anthony Harris who lives by his wits and discovers that he is a medium for the ancient African spider god, Anansi. Anthony and Anansi must confront the evil god Tiger.

Maouia: The Princess of Cordoba, meanwhile, tells the story of the daughter of the Caliph of Cordoba who must save her country and people. The CGI animated show is comprised of 25×30-minute episodes and a 45-minute special.

“Our mission at INK Global is always to find the best in children’s entertainment, shows that combine beautiful animation with original and fresh storytelling,” said Claus Tømming, the managing partner at INK Global. “Anansi and Maouia: The Princess of Cordoba capture this ethos perfectly and we are very excited to be presenting them at MIPJunior.”