Iconix & LYD Align for Pororo TV Expansion


Iconix and the content distribution company LYD have teamed up for the international expansion of Pororo TV, a Korean kids’ OTT service.

Currently only available in Korea, Pororo TV’s catalog features Iconix’s Pororo the Little Penguin and Tayo the Little Bus, as well as thousands of original videos that have never been seen internationally before. With their collaboration, Iconix and LYD are actively pursuing platform partnerships in Asia for the service and for any potential partner.

Created in 2013 and available on all major platforms in Korea, Pororo TV offers a library of more than 5,500 unique videos that spans various genres and formats—from interactive original songs to videos that teach children healthy habits, social etiquette, the English language and more. The service is already fully available in English as well as many Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and Vietnamese.

Choi Joong Ku, head of Iconix’s new business development division, said: “Pororo and Tayo content have been loved tremendously by children around the world for many years. We are pleased to join forces with LYD to take the experience to a whole new level through Pororo TV.”

LYD CEO Joon Lee added: “Iconix’s content has been incredibly popular around the globe for years. We believe Pororo TV, a unique and complete 360-degree OTT service, will revolutionize the way branded kids’ OTT is consumed in the future. We are excited to start this partnership with Iconix and together help platforms everywhere take their kids’ offering to a whole new level.”