Hulu Lines Up Kids’ Show Featuring LGBTQ Hero


Big Bad Boo Studios is producing The Bravest Knight, an animated series with an LGBTQ character that will debut on Hulu later this year.

The Bravest Knight follows Cedric, a pumpkin farmer who is married to the prince of his dreams and strives to become the greatest knight ever while teaching his daughter lessons along the way. The 13×11-minute show, based on Daniel Errico’s digital storybook, is aimed at 6- to 9-year-old viewers.

The Bravest Knight is part of Hulu’s commitment to having a more diverse and inclusive approach to storytelling.

Shabnam Rezaei, the president and co-founder of Big Bad Boo, said: “This is a groundbreaking series, with all the elements of comedy, adventure and entertainment, with the addition of being about the heroes we see every day but never see on TV. Having an LGBTQ protagonist and a fierce, girl, not-yet-knight are just two of the things that excite me about the show.”