Hopster Brings Curious World to the U.K. & Ireland


Hopster has launched Curious World, which has been repositioned to target 4- to 8-year-olds, in the U.K. and Ireland, where it is now available to download from the Apple App Store.

Hopster acquired the early-learning app earlier this year, with plans to grow its content portfolio and strengthen its global footprint. The app, now live in the U.K., will also roll out in Australia and New Zealand in the App Store later this month. Further territories are on the planner for next year.

Miki Chojnacka, co-CEO and chief content officer at Hopster, said, “Curious World is a hugely exciting brand that is designed to fuel curiosity, boost academic skills & build a lifelong love of learning. We are looking for two content themes, firstly we want to acquire live-action content that inspires children to get active, be creative and introduce them to the real world through inspiring stories. Secondly, we want content that will help them in the classroom learning about academic subjects such as history, science and geography—in a fun engaging way.”