Globosat Celebrates Five Years of Gloob

Paula Taborda dos Guaranys, Gloob’s head of content and programming, talks to TV Kids about Globosat’s first children’s channel, which launched in 2012.

In 2012, Brazil’s multichannel cable and satellite television service Globosat decided that it was time to fill the country’s need for quality kids’ programming with the launch of Gloob, its first network for children. The channel is aimed at young viewers between the ages of 6 and 9. It features a variety of live-action and animated content that typically airs during prime-time slots in Brazil.

“Globosat realized it didn’t have in its portfolio a channel dedicated to one of the most important audiences of all—kids,” Paula Taborda dos Guaranys, Gloob’s head of content and programming, tells TV Kids. “So Globosat teamed up with the most prestigious production companies in Brazil, set up a content curatorship and a talented team to launch Gloob.” She says the network’s mission is to “inspire and entertain kids” with adventure-filled and humorous content that spans such non-violent themes as friendship, affection, courage and respect.

Gloob’s catalog contains more than 250 hours of original content. Titles from the library have been licensed by broadcasters in Europe and Asia.

A local drama on the channel is the 1960s-set live-action show Valentins, which looks on as four siblings work together to uncover the truth about their ***Image***missing parents. “The series has great production value, a remarkable art direction and renowned actors in its cast, such as Cláudia Abreu, who is also a co-writer on the show,” notes Taborda dos Guaranys. The Zola Filmes production, which debuted on Gloob in June, drew nearly 9 million viewers within its first month. A second season is slated for broadcast next year.

Another highlight is Paper Port, a paper-motion production following the misadventures of a 12-year-old girl who wakes up with a different superpower each day. The show is a collaboration with Latin American partners from Chile, Colombia and Argentina. It is internationally distributed by Millimages. There is also the animated S.O.S. Fairy Manu, an International Emmy Kids Award nominee about a fairy godmother learning from her retired grandma, and B.B.D., a live-action series centered on three “Blue Building Detectives” who get together every day to investigate fishy situations in their building.

“Gloob’s programming comprises original productions such as B.B.D. and Valentins; international co-productions, including Paper Port; and renewed international shows such as ALVINNN!!! and the ChipmunksMiraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat NoirOdd Squad and others,” says Taborda dos Guaranys. No matter the source, ***Image***she points out that the goal is to always preserve the network’s “Brazilian DNA.”

In order to approach the international market for co-pros, Gloob has established a dedicated team to evaluate new projects, explains Taborda dos Guaranys. “They’re always looking for the best stories, richest universes and most unique characters from all over the world, since we believe these are globally [appealing] characteristics,” she says. “Furthermore, our team goes to the main international markets and festivals looking for brand-new content, and we’re always open to meet producers and discuss their projects.”