Fix&Foxi Channel Launching in Nigeria


MUNICH: Nigeria’s Suburban Fiber Company has added YFE’s Fix&Foxi to its Legend portfolio, with the children’s network becoming available on the multimedia service provider this month.

Fix&Foxi is a 24-hour channel with a variety of family-friendly and educational programming. The network is launching on Legend TV, which offers movies and series through Legend Box Office, Legend Vault and Legend Freeview, and on Legend Lite, a mobile app featuring unlimited access to movies, series, live sports and live news. Legend customers will be able to enjoy such Fix&Foxi titles as Eena Meena Deeka and Gloria’s House.

Paul Robinson, the executive VP of international channels at YFE, said: “We are delighted to conclude this new partnership and look forward to bringing our blend of quality entertainment and edutainment to children and families with Legend. This launch of Fix&Foxi channel continues the expansion of the brand, which is now engaging kids in more than 20 countries worldwide.”

Bruce Ayonote, the CEO of Suburban Fiber Co., added: “We are very pleased about this new partnership and even happier that we can provide an engaging mix of quality entertainment and educative content to families on our Legend platform.”