Federation Comes on Board Kung Fu Wa!


Federation Kids & Family will serve as the worldwide distributor, outside of China and Latin America, for the animated action-comedy series Kung Fu Wa!

Currently in production and scheduled for delivery later this year, Kung Fu Wa! is co-produced by Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent Video and Chinese kids’ entertainment company UYoung. The 52×11-minute series targets kids 6 to 9.

The series follows the adventures of a curious 8-year-old girl named Tee Zee, who always dreamed of going on adventures and exploring wonderful places, and then one day she finds an odd-looking sock in her mother’s laundry that…. talks, and was originally a Kung Fu Master from another world charged with guarding an ancient scroll. When the Master came through a vortex into Tee Zee’s time, his powers were weakened, and he was transformed into a sock. However, when the little girl puts the sock on her foot she transforms into a superheroine—a kick-ass Kung Fu girl, and together they must complete Kung Fu Wa’s mission and follow the ancient scroll to defeat evil and protect their world.

Leeger Liu, producer from Tencent Video Kids’ Studio, said: “Kung Fu Wa! tries to avoid stereotypical princess and superheroine archetypes. The story centers around an ordinary little girl who becomes a kung fu hero in her daily adventures. We hope to create a greater sense of resonance among the demographic and inspire kids. We are thrilled to bring this girls series to the international market and confident it will bring much joy to younger audiences around the world.”

James Chen Gu, general manager at UYoung Animation Studio, said: “This is such a funny, fast-paced show with a smart and feisty heroine whose can-do attitude will be an inspiration to children everywhere. We are delighted to partner with Federation as our international distributor on this show and look forward to seeing the roll-out of the series as Tee Zee and the Master Kung Fu sock travel around the world.”

Monica Levy, head of sales at Federation Kids & Family, said: “This series is brimming with action, adventure and humor, as well as endearing moments especially around the special relationship that forms between TeeZee and the Kung Fu Master; like an odd couple that thrives together to fight evil. It’s wonderful to be working with UYoung again, and to be representing one of their high-end productions that we can’t wait to show our buyers.”