CBC Kids Greenlights Scout & The Gumboot Kids Season 3


CBC Kids has given the go-ahead for the third season of Scout & The Gumboot Kids, as well as two new spin-off series from Imagine Create Media.

Scout & The Gumboot Kids season three will feature 5-minute episodes that mix live action with traditional stop-motion animation. The spin-offs Daisy & The Gumboot Kids and Jessie & The Gumboot Kids will launch in spring 2018 and January 2018, respectively.

Additionally, Kidstream in the U.S. picked up Scout & The Gumboot Kids. The series is endorsed by both The David Suzuki Foundation and the UCLA Global Media Centre for Social Impact.

The Gumboot Kids is creating a ‘new normal’ for an entire generation,” said Sandra de Castro Buffington, the founding director of the Global Media Center at UCLA. “This pioneering series transports young children into the practice of mindfulness and the magic of nature. The values of gratitude, appreciation, and respect will stay with young viewers throughout a lifetime, creating a world we all want to live in.”

“Raising our two children in the city, we wanted to create a show that could be an antidote to the pace and pressure of family life today,” added Eric Hogan, who co-created the shows and serves as co-showrunner alongside his wife, Tara Hungerford. “Seeing the impact of a simple evening nature walk on our own children’s stress levels, we knew we were onto something. By subtly weaving in concepts of nature-connectedness and mindfulness—techniques proven to reduce stress—into an entertaining five-minute show, we hope we can have an impact on other families too.”