Briko L&M Program Launches


Briko, a co-production between Fauna Entertainment and Toonz Media Group, has rolled out an L&M program, with Turkey serving as the pilot country.

Licensing deals were secured this month that will see plush toys, storybooks, schoolbooks using the SCAMPER method, bags and apparel launch in Turkey alongside a live show that will tour the country. Briko premiered on MinikaÇocuk in Turkey earlier this year.

Briko is currently being pitched to buyers by Imira Entertainment.

A preschool series, Briko features a STEM-focused and DIY-based narrative. It has a strong emphasis on the environment, conservation and recycling. The series follows Briko and his best friend Hepi, a white rabbit, who turn everyday objects into fun and exciting games or art crafts using their imagination and creativity.