Bomanbridge to Rep Studio Keystone’s WooRooRoo


SINGAPORE: Bomanbridge Media has tied up with Keystone Group’s Studio Keystone to represent the animated educational series WooRooRoo in the Asia-Pacific region.

WooRooRoo is led by eight different animal characters—a lion, monkey, hippo, alligator, bat, buffalo, elephant and koala—and features story concepts based on the Typological Theory by Carl Gustav Jung. The show aims to improve the physical, intellectual and emotional development of children, while also teaching them the importance of helping others.

Sonia Fleck, the CEO of Bomanbridge Media, commented: “Bomanbridge is thrilled to partner with Studio Keystone, a division of Keystone Group—one of the most prestigious educational companies in Korea. Their high-quality, entertaining and informative show WooRooRoo is going to be a clear success in the Asian region where educational curriculum is highly sought after. We look forward to furthering the reach of the series and educational brand in Asia. We expect a rewarding and fruitful partnership with Studio Keystone.”

Ju-Hyon Song, the CEO of Studio Keystone, added: “Keystone is very pleased to partner with Bomanbridge Media, a well-respected, leading distribution and production company in Asia. Bomanbridge is known around the world for its premium programming catalog and top industry contacts. We trust them to take our special flagship property, WooRooRoo, to new heights.”