Bejuba! Entertainment to Rep Circle Square


Bejuba! Entertainment has secured a deal with The Brothers McLeod, Spider Eye and Kavaleer to bring the preschool series Circle Square to the global market.

Circle Square was presold to CBeebies in the U.K., RTÉ Ireland, YLE Finland and SVT Sweden. Bejuba! is looking to close additional presales before production begins this year for a 2019 delivery.

The 2D comedy series, which is set in a diverse neighborhood, was created by brothers Myles and Greg McLeod. Ireland’s Kavaleer will be co-producing, with Helen Brunsdon and Spider Eye’s Erica Darby producing.

Myles McLeod stated, “I think we can all agree that being a good neighbor is a good thing. Our show celebrates neighborliness, tolerance and diversity. Every household is unique. They may be different, but everyone tries to get along and work as a single community.”

Greg and Myles McLeod added, “We came up with the concept of this show when we realized how many people our kids actually knew in their circle. We also realized how different all these people were and how our kids just accepted them for who they were without any inherited prejudices.”

“I immediately fell in love with the look and themes of this show,” commented Tatiana Kober, the president of Bejuba! Entertainment. “The series is somehow very different, yet speaks to all our cores…. And it’s funny.”

Kavaleer Productions’ managing director, Gary Timpson, said, “The art direction sensibilities presented by the design team are sure to turn heads. Coupled with the wonderful stories and a wide variety of interesting characters, all living in a tightknit circle community of nine houses, tucked away on a little island is certainly a recipe for a captivating series, which the whole family will enjoy.

“‘Whose house will we visit today?’

“The Kavaleer team and I are delighted to be working with the show’s creators, The Brothers McLeod, in partnership with the very accomplished Erica Darby and her award-winning studio, Spider Eye. Helen Brunsdon has seen the project through from the very start and brings vast experience to this amazing team.”