Beat Bugs Merchandise Set for Target, Tesco


Centa IP and Grace: A Storytelling Company have teamed up with Target in the U.S. and Tesco in the U.K. to exclusively launch global consumer products based on the Emmy-winning animated series Beat Bugs.

Merchandise across multiple categories, including toys, publishing, consumer electronics, apparel and accessories, will hit retail at Target stores in July and Tesco in August. Beat Bugs is a Netflix original that features music inspired by The Beatles while following the backyard adventures of five child-like insects. The show, which was created by Josh Wakely, is available worldwide on the streaming platform and on Seven Network in Australia.

“It is significant to launch this comprehensive of a consumer-products range for an original Netflix property with such meaningful retail partners as Target and Tesco; a testament to how special the Beat Bugs show is,” said Geoff Rosenhain, the CEO of Centa IP. “We are thrilled to bring such an amazing franchise to the marketplace for a property that has resonated so strongly with kids, parents and grandparents who love The Beatles’ music and sweetness of the show.”

“My team and I are proud to be working with Target and Tesco to release this exclusive collection of merchandise that captures the spirit and imagination of Beat Bugs,” added Wakely. “We’re excited to take it into the homes and hands of the children who have fallen in love with this iconic music and connected with the stories and characters in our show.”