Annecy Spotlight: Wind Sun Sky Entertainment


Wind Sun Sky Entertainment is developing the IP for the Roblox game Creatures of Sonaria.

The game sees players embark on epic adventures as fantastical creatures in a lush world full of engaging characters, comedy and combat, collecting artifacts along the way.

Wind Sun Sky is also highlighting Future Chicken, a branded universe created to promote ecological positivity featuring a time-traveling chicken named Potato. The company has produced a host of Future Chicken content, including short form, a digital series, a Roblox experience, learning resources, a podcast and more.

“Wind Sun Sky is expanding its existing expertise to work with IP owners to create holistic and immersive experiences that leverage the power of multiple platforms,” says Catherine Winder, founder, CEO and executive producer.

Winder adds, “We have a strategic in-house team and network of game developers to ensure that experiences deliver brands’ objectives.”