Angelo Rules Lands Dedicated Kids’ Magazine in Europe


TeamTO and CAKE’s Angelo Rules is set to be featured in its first branded kids’ magazine in Europe thanks to a deal with German publisher Blue Ocean.

Blue Ocean will create a 36-page magazine to be published on a bi-monthly basis beginning in the second half of 2018 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. German licensing agency g.l.a.m. brokered the deal, which represents the first major extension of the brand into the realm of European publishing.

In addition to storytelling elements such as comics and short stories written in a style that is true to Angelo, the magazine will comprise activity elements, including quizzes, games and more.

Sigrun Kaiser, co-founder and CEO of Blue Ocean, commented, “The Angelo deal gives us three good reasons to be pleased: to begin with, it is our first collaboration with the unique creative professionals at TeamTO and CAKE; secondly, it is another wonderful license that we can work on together with our longtime partner g.l.a.m; and finally, and most importantly, Angelo—with his unique story and distinctive look—is an exciting addition to our market-leading portfolio, that adds a new and promising facet to our catalog.”

TeamTO’s director of marketing, Patricia de Wilde, added, “We are so thrilled to see the licensing of Angelo take off at the same time as the season four launch. Blue Ocean is absolutely the perfect partner to kick-off a new Angelo era in Germany, with a quality magazine guaranteed to bring new and quirky entertainment to Angelo’s many fans!”